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Hey you! Huddled by the heating vent,
wrapped in a wool blanket, chilled when
you'd rather be chillin' this winter--I see you!

I've built my cold tolerance by
design, through simple methods
everyone who tends to be cold
needs to know.

I remember a good friend of mine
suffering in her cold-permeated
body, desperately wanting a hot shower
but the water heater wasn't working...

I know many of us
experience the winters
as difficult to get through,
let alone enjoy, for many reasons,
and one of them is just
heating up the body.

What if I told you that, unbeknownst
to you, foods you eat in the warmer seasons
without suffering from their cooling
effects were actually bringing
down your sense of temperature?

And I know which foods you simply need to
stop eating to get a warming effect through
your body.

And 5 foods that you can eat that
give you a further warming boost!

Plus, how to understand the factors
involved in whether a food you encounter,
that you might not be sure about,
will be neutral, cooling, or warming.

Finally, some herbs for teas,
sauces, and dressings that add
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to your warming pleasure.

You (or people you know) might
spend hundreds or even thousands of
dollars on furnace use, spas, warmth-seeking
vacations, the "right" thicker and tighter
clothing, plug-in heaters, and other expenses.

You might also miss out on winter
fun by turning down invitations
because of the weather! :(

I'll send you "Winter Warmth Eating Secrets"
with reliable do's and don't's on
what you need know to
work with the season, not against it!

Drawing from both experience
and proven food science research,
you can eat to maximize
your enjoyment of winter.

You'll get delivered
straight to your inbox
my practical, explanatory, and
easy-to-follow document,
"Winter Warmth Eating Secrets,"
that has a list of warmth-killers and
cold-bombs that you might be eating
without thinking about it, that you
can stop eating to make a difference
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in your body temp comfort within
a timeframe as short as one day!

Plus the document includes
a voucher for a consultation
with me on any individualized
questions you may have about
the list and explanations for free!
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The best part might be that you
can be free to enjoy the winter of 2017.

It might be that you can stay on
a very delicious and healthful diet
when you make these winter changes.

It might also be that
nothing advised in
"Winter Warmth Eating Secrets"
is expensive.

It could be that this information
comes from my Master's-level
East-West nutrition education,
and my experience of
increasing my cold tolerance.

And it could be that
"Winter Warmth Eating Secrets"
and a consultation on
winter-wonderfully useful
information costs only $20.

The difference this makes
lasts a lifetime of enjoyment!

Access "Winter Warmth Eating Secrets" HERE.

Go ahead, there's nothing to wait for!

Get this info now.

Joyful holidays and new year,

Michael Bedar
Researcher, Mentor, Speaker
M.A. Whole, Living Nutrition
Author, Sweet Healing: A Whole Health Journey

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