Bios and Professional Profiles

Tom Palka researches psychological trends in money, jobs, investments, companies, and the economy, making him a sought-after, if somewhat reclusive and iconoclast, authority, educator, inventor, and game-maker. As a child, having experienced the difficult challenge of overcoming a near-drowning, Tom is able to innately articulate what it feels like to be hardly able to "come up for oxygen" in your life, or to suffer your home being "underwater." Childhood Tom would grow into adulthood, and excel in his financial training, before he and others would recognize his survival-story's gift: for those seeking a deep "breath of fresh air" helping you not only to 'live to see another day," but to gain understanding, enterprise, insight, perspective, and meaningful wealth, Tom Palka offers you a steady stream of tried, true, tested, and creative resources for financial and life wisdom!

The Money Shift™ gives you an abounding and uniquely "tapped-in" learning experience that you, with your family and friends (plus students, for those in education for approximately high school and up), will enjoy playing to improve your life.

Like Tom, go beyond "flailing" and "trying harder"--seize opportunities, grab hold of your true dreams and desires, and take the ground in front of you towards your goals with Tom Palka's The Money Shift™!